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DVD Fit for Help - Finals-Explosion
DVD Fit for Help - Finals-Explosion

19,90 EUR

Product No.:DVD-KQFFH

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Shipping time:2-4 Days

This DVD forms a class of its own!

16 finals by 7 world-class-presenters that will crown your training lessons! 16 complete choreographed units with an extremely wide range of applications serve you an eternal pool of ideas and inspirations. You won’t find any declaring instructions, for the presenters wanted to leave all the space for their choreographies and do not build them up.

Get with it and have fun - and help children in need at the same time! 100 % of the profit of this special DVD support changing international children relief projects worldwide!

Robert Steinbacher: Dance / Step / Jazz / Funk
Christiane Reiter: ReitHouseMoves / Video Dance
Balázs Füzessy: Dance / Step
Johanna Fellner: Dance / Funk / Step
Franco Ferraro: Dance / Step / HipHop
Toni Nemeth: HipHop 1 / HipHop 2
Diana Partheymüller: Fight Kick

Playing time: app. 56 min.
Language: English
Label: Kings & Queens