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CD Amienas Pilates Playlist 1
CD Amienas Pilates Playlist 1

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Product No.:EM-AMP1

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Amienas Pilates Playlist #1 - this 60 minute playlist-mix was ariesd in closed cooperation between the componist of the eo publishing company and Amiena Zylla. The favourite pilates tracks from Amiena makes this compilation to a masterpiece for any kind of classes of Pilates and Body&Mind.
This is what Amiena Zylla says about the new CD Amienas Yoga Playlist #1:
"Music and emotions. Both of them are ingridients from the exercise. We allow the subscriber to immerse themselves into another world for a moment, in which they can leave their everyday life behind. With this CD, you can pick up the people where they are and offer you the space for emotion and motivation!"

Amiena Zylla:
Amiena Zylla - A person like her name from A to Z. Inventor from 

She completed her comprehensive education in her native Cape Town as well as in the USA, Germany and India. 
For more than 20 years, she has been working as a yoga- and pilates teacher, a dance educator and nutrition consultant. She has been modeling, writing books and giving her knowledge as an expert on various TV programs (including GNTM, ARD lunch buffet) Mirror, shape) as well as on their Youtube channel.
Amiena is a Yoga- and Fascia-Yoga teacher at home and abroad. Whether in front of the camera or live in class, her teaching style is charming and relaxed and leaves the participants room for individuality. True to their motto "Let Your Body Smile®" the fun and the joy of movement is always in the foreground.

Secondary movement is music Amiena's second passion. Already at the age of five, she gave soloists with the violin and the piano in the Philharmonic in Cape Town.

At the age of seven she received several awards for special gifts, including the Queen of England. Music is not an integral part of Amiena's life and so it was a special honor and great pleasure for her to produce and create these two CDs together with eo publishing company.

Label: e o Music
BPM: 80 
Classes: Body & Mind, Pilates, Yoga
Playing time: approx. 62 min.