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DVD Mami Sports Rückbildung
DVD Mami Sports Rückbildung

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"Mami Sports Rückbildung" is a new excercise concept that offers 4 different course programs, which accompany young mothers over 10 weeks.

During pregnancy and birth, the pelvic floor had to perform at its best. At least, during the retreat period, he should be given much attention.
For a long time he is no longer a boring muscle, which only keeps "down there" tight, on the contrary! In an intelligent muscle group, he also ensures an upright posture, for a stabilization in the lower back, for a flat stomach and a slim silhouette.

This DVD is intended for all young moms who want to practice at home with their back-up gymnastics or cannot afford time for a recovery course.

With this 10-week recovery program you can train comfortably at home, anywhere and at any time. "Mami sports Rückbildung" offers 4 different course programs, which accompany the young mothers for more than 10 weeks. Small variations within the exercises make it possible to adjust the intensities at any time, depending on your individual physical condition.

"Take time for you and your body".

Content of the DVD:
4 course different profiles
Playing Time: Each DVD around 100 minutes