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Pilates Basix&More, Lucia N.Schmidt & Christiane Wolff
Pilates Basix&More, Lucia N.Schmidt & Christiane Wolff

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The trendsetting BodyMindSpirit-instructors Lucia Nirmala Schmidt and Christiane Wolff present the unique and innovative concept compiled by the education institute BodyMindSpirit – Health Concepts that guarantees an effective and successful use of the classical Pilates-principles in group fitness training.

This DVD contains plenty of different variations of the classic Pilates-repertoire, which will enrich your lessons. The two specialists show the Pilates-principles in a very helpful way that is easy to be experienced by everybody. Having internalised the Pilates-basics you feel the effectiveness of the Pilates-training with your own body to give you the largest success possible. You reach a feeling for the flow of the moves and your inner power expresses in easiness and elegance.

Look forward to numerous ideas for your teaching concepts – single exercises as well as flowing transitions – from introduction to flows and final – plus many stimulations, e.g. to experience ocean-breathing or powerhouse.

Pilates basics: breathing – powerhouse – alignment
Preperation: standing poses / floor poses
special transitions:
centred strength: single exercises / flow
flowing strength: single exercises / flow
expanding strength: single exercises / flow

Language: German
Time: 185 min.
Label: Kings & Queens

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