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DVD Senioren Workout by Ulla Häfelinger
DVD Senioren Workout by Ulla Häfelinger

19,90 EUR

Product No.:DVD-KQUHSW

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Life is movement – movement is life.
The wheel of time runs constantly, we all get older. Although no one can stop the biological clock, it is no big deal to keep the body flexibility a lot younger. The older you get, the more important is a purposeful, functional training to keep the body fit and healthy.

Ulla Häfelinger, a skilled physiotherapist and sports teacher, is an expert on healthy  sports for many years. On this DVD, the experienced trainer and instructor presents a varied and multifunctional strength- and mobility training that helps the body to face daily routine with a big amount of power and easiness.

A constructive training of the muscles avoids the age-related loss of bones-tissue (osteoporosis) and protects the rated break points wrist, upper arm, thigh, and vertebral bodies. A targeted belly- and  back workout strengthens the stability of the musculature of trunk and gives a strong and resilient back that is free from pain. Invigorating the shoulder girdle and the supporting arm muscles strengthens and protects the shoulder joints. Strong muscles around the hip joints facilitate the walk through life.

Choose the single sequences separately to involve the exercises in daily routine easily.

- Mobilisation
- Warm Up
- Invigoration
- 6 Workout sequences
- Stretch

Language: German
Time: approx. 136 min.
Label: Kings&Queens