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Senior Concept - Great Summer Hits
Senior Concept - Great Summer Hits

from 16,90 EUR

Product No.:DLSC-GRSH

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Here it is, the new Senior Concept Summer Hit production. Get it and have fun in the sun (or in the shadow..). The songs where produced exclusively for the fitness industry. Great sound, strong beats and n excellent mixing will give you much much more than the radio versions, which are for "normal" consumers. But you are a professional, you deserve the maximum!

We decided to release also the download version of this cd. Why? Because digital distribution takes care of our environment. Less pollution and less time to wait for the new music. And, the price difference is an iportant argument, too!

Be part of the future, buy our professional download productions!

Please note: The download contains also a free of charge software package (for Apple and Windows) which allows you to burn your own audio cd in a blink of an eye!

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