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Spirit of Voices - Journey to relaxation with Martina Mittag
Spirit of Voices - Journey to relaxation with Martina Mittag

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Our fast moving times make it more and more essential to handle your inner power resources very carefully. Many holistic training programs offer rest and invigoration to body and mind at the same time what brings a big load of responsibility to the trainer. The clear instructions on our new CD-series „Spirit of Voices“ help coaches of holistic training workshops to cope with this challenge easily.

On this Download CD, Mind&Body-pro Martina Mittag presents spoken instructions to give body and mind quick refreshment. The instructions base on perception, relaxation of the entire body, and  ruminant imagination to increase physical and mental wellbeing. The CD is suitable for a private rest but also for instructors, who want a suggestion for the closing of a Back Gym-, Pilates- or Toning-lesson.

Label: Music4Motion
Classes: Mind&Body
Content: spoken relaxation exercises
Lenght: approx.78 min.
in German language only

Please note: The download contains also a free of charge software package (for Apple and Windows) which allows you to burn your own audio cd in a blink of an eye!