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CD Telephone Trax 01
CD Telephone Trax 01

9,90 EUR

Product No.:SP-TT1

incl. 19 % Tax excl.

Shipping time:2-4 Days

100% Freemusic offers all kinds of music needed in a fitness and sports center, from the entertaining music for the telephone queue to the motivating 32-time grounded CD for the aerobic lesson.
Professionally produced and produced according to the respective requirements.
The following courses cover FreeMusic in various music styles:
Warm-up and cooldown, aqua, dumbbell training, BBP, Step, aerobics, Kara-T-Robics and other special programs, Hi-Lo Impact, ThaiBo and Kickboxprograms, Relaxation and Stretching, Power Chi, Power Yoga, NIA or Autogenous Training , Current programs are regularly added.
FreeMusic is a 100% professional product for professional applications!
You will find here only original compositions for this purpose, which can neither be heard on the radio nor in the record shop.
The whole advantage is: All musics are without exception 100% free of GEMA fees! This means that for the playing of these musics, the student does not have to pay any licenses to third parties.
FreeMusic can be subscribed or compiled according to your needs. However, FreeMusic orders should be made regularly to ensure that a studio is continuously supplied with current GEMA-free music for all areas.
This is an important argument for the negotiations with GEMA regarding the reduction of individual GEMA fees.