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Cardio Core / Warm Ups & Cool Downs by Johanna Fellner
Cardio Core / Warm Ups & Cool Downs by Johanna Fellner

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The innovative Interval DVD!

All-round presenter and instructor Johanna Fellner shows on this DVD her self-developed interval-training for the entire body plus creative ideas for Warm Ups and Cool Downs.

Cardio Core:
Cardio Core is an effective interval training that gives your body a holistic work out. It focuses on endurance, stability, strengthening and stretching plus a combination of it all.

The exercises involve multiple groups of muscles but can also focus on specific areas. The single strengthening-units consist in a static exercise plus a dynamic variation and get linked by cardio-sequences.

Warm Ups & Cool Downs:
To help you start and finish your lesson in a most creative and impressing way, Johanna adds an extra Warm Up- & Cool Down-unit. A great variety of creative ideas and suggestions will grate up these sections in your classes. Numerous ideas out of a large range of styles are waiting for you.

Cardio Core:
3 sequences Cardio/Workout

7 Warm Ups
4 Cool Downs

Language: German
Playing time: 155 min
Label: Kings & Queens

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