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Vinyasa Yoga Beats
Vinyasa Yoga Beats

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"VINYASA Yoga Beats" was develloped and compiled by Karo Wagner, ownerin of the VINYASA Yoga Akcademy.
Originally, VINYASA Yoga - a special integrating training system - was develloped in the USA, where in a short period of time it became one of the leading Yoga/Pilates/Body&Mind training programs.
This cd reflects in a perfect way this innovative movement strategy and helps you to gain the best results.
You can of course also use this cd for traditional Yoga/Pilates or calssical Body&Mind classes.

Label: music-e-motion
BPM: diverse
Music style: New Age,
Pop, Triphop
Classes: Yoga, Pilates, Workout
Duration: approx. 78 min.

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