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CD Club Charts Vol. 02
CD Club Charts Vol. 02
instead 24,95 EUR
only 19,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.

Shipping & Handling Costs

Your wish is our command! If your order contains all necessary details, such as full address and payment details, we try to ship your package the same day. Please allow a shipping time up to 6 working days (depending on the country you live in).

Additional to the total value of goods, we charge a service and shipping fee.  Its rate depends on the total weight of the ordered goods, the chosen payment method, and the delivery country. The service and shipping fee contains the costs for save package, insurance, and postal rates. The total sum is always visible during the ordering process.

Service and shipping fees in detail:

  Zone 1 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
  DE DE (Express) BeNeLux, DK, Switzerland BG, CY, CZ, USA Russia
      FR, GB, AT, Norway EE, EI, GR, Japan  
      SE, SF, ES Liechtenstein IS, HU, IT, Canary Isles  
          LT, LV, MT, Overseas  
          PO, PT, RO,    
          SI, SK, SM,    
Direct debit, credit card, PayPal, instant electronic remittance              
1 -2 CDs / DVDs 2,90 Euro 15,00 Euro 4,90 Euro 4,90 Euro 14,90 Euro
14,90 Euro
  65,00 Euro
3 - 4 CDs / DVDs 4,90 Euro 18,00 Euro 6,90 Euro 6,90 Euro 14,90 Euro 29,90 Euro
5 - 8 CDs / DVDs 4,90 Euro 18,00 Euro 8,90 Euro 8,90 Euro 16,90 Euro 29,90 Euro
9 + more CDs / DVDs 6,90 Euro 25,00 Euro 11,90 Euro 16,90 Euro 18,90 Euro 29,90 Euro

For shippings inside Europe, outside the European Community, our additional export fee is 6,90 Euro.

For further questions please contact us via +49 40 55 700 60 or

If deduction payment cannot be accomplished due to your responsibility (incorrect information concerning your account, dishonoured check or account etc.) we charge an extra fee of 15.00 Euro.

For every email order we will mail an order confirmation.
If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please contact us, as your order might not have been forwarded to us properly.

If an item cannot be supplied, we will inform you in return. Therefore, please do not forget to give us your correct phone or email address!

Our bank details:

Hypovereinsbank Hamburg
IBAN : DE78200300000359650371