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CD Club Charts Vol. 02
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Privacy Notice

Keeping it under our hat

Here at the Audio Factory, we're committed to ensuring that all your personal information that is collected is kept private and protected. We'll make sure that all Audio Factory websites are absolutely secure in their collection and use of your personal information. And all our companies follow the Data Protection Act 1998 and are registered on the public register of data controllers maintained by the Information Commissioner.

You also have complete control over the information stored about you and what types of information, if any, you'd like to receive. Sometimes you may be asked to provide proof of identity before we show you your personal information- that's so we can prevent unauthorised access. We'll keep prying eyes out!

Staying in touch

We'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch by visiting the Contact Us section. We'll give you the contact information for all the Audio Factory Companies within the Audio Factory Group, including Visit the contact section if you have a general enquiry, customer service related enquiry or if you just want to say hi.

For enquiries directly relating to the website, you can write to us at the following address:

The Webmaster,  The Audio Factory GmbH, Borselstraße 16 c-d, 22756 Hamburg

Telephone number:

From inside Germany, please dial 040 55 700 60, from outside Germany, dial +49 40 55 700 60. Please ask to speak to the Webmaster of /

Getting to know you

We collect personal details, such as your email address, name, date of birth and other information only when you register with us for competitions, promotions or when you sign up to receive email newsletters from us.

When you register with us, we'll need to ask you for your:

Email address
First name
Date of birth

If you want to tell us a bit more about yourself, we'd love to hear even more, like your:

Postal Address and Postcode
Mobile phone number

We'll only use your data when you have given us permission to do so. When you register, we'll clearly state:

"We may from time to time send you information about our products and services and those offered by other companies in the Audiofactory Group; details of our special offers or promotions; and any other advertising or marketing materials that we think might interest you. Please indicate if you would like to be contacted by us in this way by ticking yes or no on the corrsponding check box."

Why we're interested

There are lots of reasons why we want to get to know you.

Sometimes we need your details to make sure you're eligible for our competitions. Of course if you're a winner, then we need to be able to get in touch with you to tell you good news!

Occasionally we'll carry out some research on our database of people who have registered with us. We'll use this for internal purposes only. The main reason is to help us make sure that provides you with everything that you - our audience - is looking for.

We don't collect or keep your personal data unless it is strictly necessary for the above purposes. We don't keep it for longer than is necessary, either.

Keeping you in the loop

We may wish to contact you from time to time with details of special offers, promotions, competitions, and information about our products and services. If you want all of this, please tick the box marked 'yes' when registering with us. We won't use your details for direct marketing without your consent.

Your secret's safe with us!

Your personal information will not be transferred to other Audiofactory Group companies, without your consent, except:

  • as required by law
  • if you're a prize winner (we need to get your prize to you!)
  • if you've requested specific information
If you give us your consent by ticking the box when you register with us, then we may share your personal data with other Audiofactory Group companies so that they may contact you with any information they believe may be of interest to you. Or, we may send you details of goods, services, promotions and offers provided by other Audiofactory Group companies which we think may interest you.

We may use your personal data in order to analyse our customer base, and statistical information may be shared with other Audiofactory Group companies - but we'll keep it anonymous.

We will never rent or sell our customer lists to any other organisation or individual. Customer lists may be used to process customer information and research customer's needs and preferences.

You should be aware that if our website contains links to other websites then these sites may have different privacy and security policies. We don't have any control over them, and take no responsibility for information given to non-Audiofactory sites.
A list of third parties and other Audiofactory Group companies that personal data may be shared with is available on request, just use the above contact details.

Outside the EU

You should be aware that countries outside the European Union may have a lower standard of protection for personal information than that required by the Data Protection Act 1998. If it is necessary to transfer your data to a company based outside the EU (e.g. for the purpose of completing a contract for your benefit) then we'll make every effort to ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, as implementing the EU Directive on the Protection of Personal Data (95/46/EC), and any other Act or Acts replacing or modifying such Act for the time being in force, through the implementation of an agreement ensuring adequate protection of your personal data.

Safe and sure

Our website has security installed to ensure that any personal data entered onto the site is protected against loss, misuse or alteration.
However, due to the nature of the Internet, we can't guarantee the protection of your personal information and we can't be responsible for any outcomes resulting from a breach of security when the website is used.
We're confident in our security, and it is always a top priority to ensure we do not get any problems.


We use "cookies" to store and collect information regarding your usage of the website. These types of cookies aren't the chocolate chip kind, they're small pieces of information stored by the browser on your computer's hard drive. They send information stored on them back to our web server when you access our website. These cookies do not contain any personally identifying information, but they do enable us to put in place personal settings and load your personal preferences. This makes it a better experience for you.

Keeping an eye on us!

You can request, at any time, access to the personal information we hold about you.  You can write to us at the above address requesting access to your personal information. You are entitled to be told by us, as the data controller, whether we or someone else on your behalf is processing your personal information; what personal information we hold; details of the purposes for the processing; and details of any third party to whom your personal information has been disclosed.

In the future...

This policy may change, and if it does, any changes will be identified on the website. That way you'll always be fully aware of what information is collected, how it's used and under which circumstances it may be made available.

Talk to us

If you have any queries, comments or complaints regarding this privacy policy, just get in touch!